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Mulberry Improvement & Production

  • To undertake research projects/ programmes concerning host plant improvement by using Conventional breeding, Genetics, Tissue Culture, Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Physiological and modern approaches in collaboration with national & international Institutes.
  • To develop disease resistant and productive mulberry genotypes suitable to serizones of South India.
  • To develop superior mulberry varieties suitable to moisture stress environments and drought conditions.
  • To develop superior mulberry varieties by exploitation of hybrid vigour based on molecular diversity of promising parental lines.
  • To undertake DNA marker aided analysis of mulberry gene bank for sustainable conservation and utilisation in crop improvement.
  • To undertake and monitor AICEM trails of the South zone.
  • To act as the progenitor for supply of improved mulberry stocks to the test centres across the country.
  • To undertake the development of transgenic mulberries for desirable trait utilisation.
  • To undertake pre and post authorisation trails of improved mulberry varieties.
  • To maintain breeders seed plots, demonstration plots and germplasm accessions.
  • To undertake DUS trials to register mulberry varieties with PPV&FRA
  • To carryout research for developing technologies/ packages for mulberry disease and pest management.
  • To carryout survey and surveillance of mulberry and pests to develop forewarning systems.
  • To develop a database of the mulberry diseases.
  • To up keep of the scientific equipments in the their respective labs.
Name Designation
Dr. Pratheesh Kumar, P.M. Scientist - D & Head
Dr. Gandhi Doss, S. Scientist - D
Dr. Tanmoy Sarkar Scientist - C
Dr. Arun Kumar, G.S. Scientist - C
Ms. Bhavya, M.R. Scientist - B
Dr. Gnanesh Nanjappa Ramanujam Fellow