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Mulberry Production

  • To carryout research projects/programmes for optimizing host plant yield through agronomical and nutritional packages.
  • To undertake  the research in the areas of mulberry, soil health management, soil microbiology and fertility.
  • To monitor the soil fertility status of mulberry gardens and creation of data base.
  • To undertake long term effect studies on mulberry cropping systems on soil biology and productivity.
  • To evaluate the conjunctive use of nitrification inhibitory for efficient utilization of nitrogenous fertilizers.
  • To undertake the studies on the factors influencing the nutrient uptake and its use efficiency in mulberry.
  • To carryout the studies in the area of agriculture engineering and to facilitate mechanization in crop production.
  • To maintain host plant plantations & general plots and to supply foliage for silkworm rearing to silkworm Division.
  • To generate compost/ vermicompost  and biofertilizers for farm use and supply to the stake holders.
  • To raise and supply improved host plant seed material (cuttings, saplings)
Name Designation
Dr. B.T. Srinivasa Scientist - D
Sri. Y.N. Sanath Kumar Scientist - C
Dr. Sibayan Sen Scientist - C
Sri. V.K. Yadav Scientist - C
Dr. Ravindra Scientist - B
Dr. V. Shobhana Scientist - B