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For Large Scale/ Corpoate/ Contract Sericulture Farming

India, the second largest producer of silk in the world, cultures all the five kinds of silks, namely mulberry, tasar, oak tasar, eri and muga. Indian sericulture today presents a picture of an established, flourishing and well organized industry spread all over the country. Today India produces over 16,000 T of silk annually and earns over Rs.2700 Crores from exports. Much of the progress in the field of sericulture is due to the efforts undertaken by Central Silk Board and its various research organizations.

The technologies evolved by the research institutes of the country have transformed the sericulture industry from a traditional cottage activity to a modern and highly remunerative enterprise. Well-organized infrastructure, research, training and extension system, government legislation and policies, private participation and well established forward and backward linkages also support the sericulture industry for the sustained growth. The Central Silk Board has recognized immense potential for growth in sericulture sector on large scale both in the domestic perspectives and foreign exchange earning.
Sericulture industry can harness the corporate sector especially to reap the benefits of the technological breakthroughs achieved in recent years to make it a “Silk Revolution” and achieve self sufficient in quality silk. As the corporates have the professional knowledge, capacity for large investment and ability to mobilize and better utilization or resources, it is possible to acquire competitive edge through them.
CSRTI, Mysore the premier Institute in Sericulture research has the technology and manpower to support the large scale operations in sericulture.
Opportunities for Large Scale Operations

The large production houses can exploit the following opportunities in the sericulture industry.

1. Huge domestic demand for silk
2. Potential international market
3. Proven technology package
4. Well established forward and backward linkages
The above advantages are completed with the versatile nature of sericulture to suit the varied agro-climatic and socio-economic conditions. Wide profit margins and immense opportunities have now attracted the corporates, companies, partnership firms and educated youths to enter into the multifarious activities of sericulture industry in large scale.
Need for consultancy service as

  • Sericulture industry is still unorganized in cocoon production and reeling activities.
  • The scale of operations is traditional and labour intensive.
  • Low capital and poor technology adoption in cocoon production and reeling.
  • Low productivity and quality of Indian silk besides high cost of production.
  • A large number of intermediaries.
  • Under utilization of by-products.
  • Poor resource management, namely land, water, labour and energy.
Objectives of Seri Consultancy

  • To create awareness for quality upgradation through adoption of modern technologies.
  • To identify the potential areas/ clusters for growth and investment in sericulture.
  • To help entrepreneurs to crystallize their ideas into bankable projects.
  • To evaluate and appraise the projects in sericulture.
  • To extend management and technical packages for sericulture related activities.
  • To help in development of manpower through HRD.

  • Corporate/ companies who enter into the production process directly or contracting farmers.
  • Partnership firms and individuals.
  • Development agencies and NGOs.
  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Large scale farmers.
  • Foreign organizations/nationals.
Services Offered

  1. Feasibility studies.
  2. Project formulation.
  3. Undertaking survey & pilot projects.
  4. Project appraisal.
  5. Technical / Management consultancy.
  6. Technology transfer.
  7. Research & development.
  8. Training.
  9. Market research.
  10. Monitoring and evaluation studies.
  11. Evaluation of NGOs.
  12. Product testing and grading services.
  13. Liason services.
  14. Follow-up consultancy.
Type of consultancy services

  • On Turnkey basis.
  • Retainer consultancy.
  • Problem based diagnostic consultancy.
  • Routine consultancy.
Commercial Opportunities in Sericulture

  • Commercial Egg Production.
  • Production of saplings [Planting material – Kisan Nurseries].
  • Chawki (young age) Rearing Centers.
  • Large Scale Cocoon Production.
  • Production and distribution of Bio-control Agents.
  • Production and supply of Bio-fertilizers.
  • Production and supply of compost (Enriched compost and vermi-compost).
  • Production and supply of sericulture inputs.
  • Services for sericulture sector.
  • Preparation of value added products from the by products in sericulture.
  • Mass multiplication of bio-control agents.
Facilities and Infrastructure

The CSRTI, Mysore is equipped with experienced staff, modern laboratories, training facilities, communication network, hostels, library, workshop etc. and poised to undertake various types of Seri Consultancy Services.