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How to control Tukra disease in mulberry?

Tukra disease is caused by mealy bug (Maconellicoccus hirsutus) and is considered as the most serious pest of mulberry. The pest sucks the sap from the tender leaves and shoots, which results in the malformation of the apical shoot. The affected plants show wrinkling of leaves, reduced inter-nodal distance resulting in stunted growth and reduction in yield. The incidence of tukra is severe during summer months. The integrated management measures for control of this pest involves the following :

1. Clipping the Tukra affected apical portion of mulberry and burning it.

2. Keep the plot and its surroundings free from weeds, which may serve as host plants to mealy bug.

3. Spray 0.2% DDVP prepared in 0.5% soap solution after pruning / harvesting of plants twice at an interval of 10 days (safe period 17 days).

4. Release predatory ladybird beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri @ 250 adults/acre.