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How to collect Soil sampling for testing?

Correct diagnosis of soil status depends on correct method of collection of representative soil samples. Number of soil sample to be collecting depends on uniformity of the land. Divide the plot into sub-plots that look different in appearance, soil type etc. Mark 4-5 spots in each sub-plot. Clean the surface, dig a pit of 30x30x30 cm. Scrape a thin layer of soil from top to bottom on all sides of the pit and collect about 250 g. soil sample from each spot. Mix soil samples of a sub-plot thoroughly and spread it on a paper. Divide the sample into four equal parts and reject two opposite parts. Repeat the process and collect 250 g. samples in a polythene cover for testing. In case of problematic soil, collect soil samples at 0-30 cm, 30-60 cm depths. Do not collect soil samples from the extreme corners of the field or immediately after rain or after the application of fertilizer. Label properly and send the samples for analysis.