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The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions

  1. The progress of research work/projects are recorded/documented and preserved. Besides, News letters and Annual reports of the institute are published and circulated for information and kept for record purpose.
  2. Research findings are regularly published in scientific and technical journals by the scientists.
  3. The recommendations/suggestions/guidance provided by RCC/RAC/RC are documented, circulated among scientists and other technical staff for compliance.
  4. The Institute publishes hand books, manuals, handouts seminar proceedings and other technical documents for Seciculturists.
  1. The Institute and its sub-units are adopting the rules adopted by Central Silk Board such as FRSR, GFR, CCS(CCA) Rules, CCS (Conduct) Rules, CCS (Leave) Rules, Rension Rules, GPF Rules, General Rules, T.A. Rules, LTC Rules, Rules for Children Education allowance, House building advance, Recruitment rules, etc.
  2. As far as Time scale Farm Workers are concerned the rules framed by Central Silk Board is followed.
  3. Specific instructions / orders issued by Central Silk Board from time to time in the matters related to general administration, technical work, stores purchases and vigilance are followed.
  4. Records pertaining to administration, assets are maintained by the administration Section and audited by Internal Audit and AG Audit.