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P4 BSF Hassan

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P4 Basic Seed Farm, Hassan was established by the Central Silk Board during 1990 under the World Bank aided National Sericulture Project for maintenance and multiplication of the authorised bivoltine silkworm breeds. In 1992, the farm was brought under the Administrative and Technical control of Central Sericulture and Training Institute, Mysore for bivoltine silkworm breed maintenance and supply quality basic seeds for further multiplication. The farm is venture to put forward systematic silkworm breed maintenance, from mulberry cultivation through silkworm rearing, production of superior quality basic seeds to meet the demand of downstream multiplication centres in South India, thus acting as P4 level stock maintenance station. 
Farm is located 8 kms away from the city towards west of Hassan adjacent to NH48 Bangalore Mangalore road. The total area of the campus is 15.65 out of which 5.87 acres with mulberry. The annual rainfall of Hassan is between 700-900mm.
Silkworm breeders are continuously putting their efforts to evolve new and better silkworm breeds over the existing ones to produce better quality silk production vertically. Such newly evolved breeds /hybrids being verified and confirmed by the Race Authorization Committee of Central Silk Board are released for commercialization. The improved characteristics of these breeds are to be maintained continuously and protect them from deterioration due to variable environmental factors. 
During JICA- Phase I (1991-95) Silkworm breeders of Central Silk Board and Japanese experts were developed Bivoltine silkworm breeds and hybrids.The bivoltine breeds viz., CSR2 and CSR4 and their hybrid CSR2 x CSR4 was introduced during 1997 ((JICA- Phase II). Concurrently, one way system of silkworm breed maintenance and multiplication was also initiated with proper strategy. 
The main purpose of one way system is to a) Retain original breed characters without any deterioration b) Avoid continuous multiplication over generations’ leads to in-breeding depressions which do not set in. Under one way system, P4 BSF, Hassan have major assignment to safe guards the original breed characters fixed by the breeders. Once in a year, the stock at P4 is being replaced by breeders stock. 
P4 Basic Seed Farm (BSF), Hassan has played a crucial role in maintaining the breeds characters viz., fecundity, pupation rate, cocoon shape and size conforming to the original breed characters fixed by the breeders. 
The centre is capable with the responsibility to maintain silkworm breeds along with the mulberry cultivation, production of quality dfls and supply the same to multiplication centres of Southern India.
Activities of the centre:
1. Maintenance of Mulberry plantation as per the recommended package of practices.
2. Maintenance of authorised bivoltine breeds as per the breed maintenance procedure set for P4 level
3. Production and supply of quality P3 stock for downstream multiplication centres of south India. 
1. Maintenance of mulberry garden:  The total area of mulberry plantation is 5. 87acres out of which 2.013 acres of V-1 mulberry plantation and other 3.865 acres having mulberry varieties such as BC- 259, G2, G4 and S13. Farm wastes were utilized for generation of compost and vermi-compost. Trenching and mulching was practiced for improving the soil fertility. Tree mulberry plantation was established for overcome the scarcity of manpower.
2. Silkworm Breed Maintenance:   At present, eight authorised bivoltine breeds includes four oval types (CSR2, CSR17, CSR27 and S8) and four dumbbell types (CSR4, CSR6, CSR16 and CSR26) are being maintained true to the original breed characteristics under four maintenance rearing cycles in a year. Meticulous testing at every stage is carried out to keep the crop free from pebrine disease. The scientists nominated by Pebrine Monitoring Committee are involved in testing. 
3. Preparation and supply of P3 stock:   The P3 stock production is preserved under four and six month’s hibernation schedule at Cold Storage Plant, Mysuru to enable the availability of stock throughout the year for supply. At present, P3 stock is being supplied at black box stage as per their requirements to four P3 Govt. Silk Farms of Department of Sericulture, Govt. of Karnataka viz., Kumbarahalli, Chikkonahalli, Kudige and Kaggundi of Anekal, K.R. Pet, Piriyapatna and Hunsur Taluks, respectively.  
Geographical details:
Rainfall:                                              700-900 mm/year
Total Area:                                     15.65 acres
Area under Mulberry:                     5.87 acres  
Contact Details:

Scientist D & Head,
P4-BSF, Central Silk Board,   
Devarayapatna, B.M. Road, Hassan - 573217.

Phone:  08172 - 256251 [O],  9845681970