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Norms set by it for the discharge of CSRTI functions

Need based research projects in mulberry sericulture are initially formulated by respective scientists from different fields and placed for discussion in Research Council (RC). Once the Research Council approves such projects, it is forwarded to concerned referees in respective field for obtaining their views. The views/suggestions of the referees incorporated in the final proposal of research projects are then placed before the Research Advisory Committee(RAC) for discussion. Once the RAC approves the project it is forwarded to central office for financial approval and project coding for implementation. Extension programme is implemented as per approved Annual action plan.
CSRTI and its sub-units has adopted/ followed the rules and mannuals of Government of India i.e. FRSR, GFRs etc. as in Central Silk Board. Moreover, Central Silk Board has its own act called CSB Act, 1948 and CSB Rules, 1955. In addition to that, Labour norms, discharge of various functions, norms for employment are set by Central Silk Board. Repairs and maintenance of vehicles are made following the procedure laid down under G.F.R. Repair of buildings are entrusted to CPWD. Procurement, awards of contracts are lined up based on the provision of G.F.R. and also followed the guidelines of Central Silk Board as issued from time to time. Sanction of Study Leave is considered following CCS (Leave) Rules, 1965 and this is sanctioned by the Member Secretary, Central Silk Board, Bangalore depending upon its merit.